Different Schools of Tantra Training

Different Schools of Tantra

Tantra Training

Various schools of Tantra offer different methods for learning the art of meditation. These methods are often divided into three major categories: workshop classes, individual courses, and Tantra intensives. A workshop will usually consist of a series of meditations, exercises, and techniques. A workshop can be attended by individuals or as a group. There may be a small amount of theory included, making it more suited to single students. Tantra intensives are also sometimes made for couples or groups.

Sex to Superconsciousness

The Osho approach to sexual tantra integrates sexuality with consciousness and the senses. Many of the tantra techniques he has used are safe and suited for beginners. Osho coined the phrase “From Sex to Superconsciousness” and this four-week training program follows this tradition. It is an excellent first course for people looking to explore sexuality as a tool to develop love and sexuality.

Osho explains sex in great detail and teaches that sexual orgasm is an opportunity to experience the blissful state of mind. To experience this state of mind, you must transcend your sex. Sex is a spiritual journey, largely unconscious, and proper understanding leads to liberation from its bonds. The Osho approach to sex is humane, scientific, and entertaining.

Osho’s “From Sex to Superconsciousness” is a spiritual journey through the chakra system, a network of seven energy centers that correspond to different aspects of our lives. Each chakra has its own unique energy source, and training in each chakra opens new perspectives on relationships and sexuality. It is also an important step in developing harmony and balance throughout the system. You can learn more about Tantra at an upcoming workshop.

This spiritual practice can help you achieve a deeper and more intense sexual experience. The techniques used are meant to make you more conscious of the sensations you’re experiencing during sex. The Tantra approach emphasizes mindfulness and physical intimacy, allowing you to tap into your body’s sexual energy and enjoy an intimate experience with your partner. When you’re ready to move on to a higher level of consciousness, the Tantra technique can help you do just that.

Kaula Trika lineage

The Kaula Trika lineage of Tantra is a well-known lineage in the Vedic tradition. The Kaulas were highly educated, sophisticated aesthetes, and sometimes connected to the royal court. They had to deal with an earlier scriptural tradition that focused on otherworldly magical rites. Ancient India was a highly traditional society, and many of these scriptural traditions had to be revised in order to be relevant to modern times.

The basic method of the Kaula is to experience the freedom of consciousness within the heart. The Kaula school uses a technique called kechari mudra to promote this state, allowing consciousness to move freely in the space of the heart. This allows the disciple to recognize the ultimate reality of Siva, who resides within the heart. Siva’s teachings explain the practices associated with consciousness.

The Kaula Trika’s spiritual traditions are based on a system of ritual centered on the five ‘jewels’ – the five elements of nature. In the Kaula Trika tradition, these elements combine to create a sacred fluid. The fluid serves as a purification method and cleanses offerings. It also purifies the other factors in worship. The five jewels are urine, semen, menstrual blood, feces, and phlegm. Some Kaulas also incorporate animal flesh into their rituals.

The teachings of this lineage are taught by the greatest living master of classical tantra. This is known as the ‘Kaula Trika lineage.’ This lineage originated in the southern region of India and is the most popular lineage of tantra in the West. Its renowned practitioners include Ayurvedic masters such as Krishnamacharya and Ajahnanda.


If you are interested in learning tantra, you should consider taking a course in hakima. Hakima is a tantra teacher and sex love coach who has studied the principles of tantric cosmo-vision. She focuses on the importance of love and relationship in the Tantra world. Another instructor is Hakima’s partner, Los Cosmiqueros, who dedicate their lives to plant medicine. Both began their journey in 2004 and have deepened their connection with nature and opened up their chakras to work with cacao.

Classical tantra is a complex path that aims for full spiritual awakening. It is a branch of Buddhism from India and Kashmir, and incorporates various elements of ritual. It often involves rigorous study, including meditative practices and various ritual elements. This tradition was also slow and involved working with sexual energy only to a limited extent. Today, many tantra practitioners practice this method for a longer period of time than they would in earlier times.

The tantric worldview sees all material existence as animated by Shakti, the divine feminine power. It was this worldview that led to the dramatic rise in goddess worship during medieval India. Tantric goddesses were both erotic and violent, and a blending of the two created a uniquely Tantric tension between maternal and destructive energy. This heightened the senses, allowing the practitioner to cultivate an awareness of the divine feminine within themselves.

The course is composed of two modules. Module one is an intensive 14-day retreat aimed at enhancing an understanding of tantric philosophy. The intensive retreat is a great way to begin your training. You can take it alone, or add it to your teacher training program to earn additional credits. The course can be taken as a transformative retreat or as part of a certification program lasting four weeks. This method is very popular in yoga and tantric circles.


Sjors Boelaars is a docent tantra and oprichter of the Tara Academy. A former captain of zeiljachten, Sjors is also the owner of a successful voedings company. After several years in the business, Sjors felt burned out and decided to explore the tantric path. He took a two-year training in Kashmir Shaiva Tantra from Hareeesh Christopher Wallis, the foremost scholar of classical tantra teachings.

The Intensive Tantra Training includes two modules. The first is a 14-day retreat designed to provide a deeper understanding of the art of tantra. The second module, Tantra Teacher Training, is a four-week program. The intensive retreat can be taken as a transformative retreat, or you can earn credits towards the four-week certification. Sjors in Tantra Training is a comprehensive course that will prepare you for the certification exam.

This intensive training offers a detailed path of study and practice. It is a great choice for those who are committed to living their truth, and are ready to invest their time and energy into tantric practice. This training includes live Zoom calls for all of the sessions. You’ll have access to an experienced tantra teacher at each session. In addition to teachings, the Institute also offers initiations and trainings.

Sjors in Tantra Training emphasizes both internal and external practices. While tantra doesn’t focus on sex, it teaches the importance of relationship. It encourages a deeper union and sensitivity. Compared to the western approach to sex, tantra emphasizes embodiment and union through relationship. It also teaches that sexual experience is sacred. It teaches that sex is an expression of our deepest desires, not a competition.

Cathleene Dakini

The vision of the Dakinis is to expand the practice of Tantra to both men and women. The Dakinis are deeply rooted in the Neo-Tantra Community of San Diego, California. They bring new age philosophies and modern technologies to their practice. Their classes are geared toward the sensitive and spiritual seeker. You will learn from a seasoned Dakini and a master Tantra counselor.

The program is facilitated by the talented and authentic Cathleene Rae, an ancient practitioner and teacher of Tantra. In her courses, women will gain skills to help others transform through Tantra practice. The training will teach women how to hold space for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. The training will be a transformative experience for all who attend. Women who wish to deepen their own practice and expand their teachings will greatly benefit from this training.